Compare And Contrast Tell A Tale Heart Short Stories

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Have you read or heard of the two short stories that are called The Tell a Tale Heart or the Short story that is called called There Will Come Soft Rains. They are both short stories written by authors with different writing styles that are quite unique. Both stories were very different written by very different authors The Tell a Tale Heart was written by the author Edgar Allan Poe. The other story’s author that wrote the story There Will Come Soft Rains was named Ray Bradbury. The Authors both use quite unique writing styles, but they are very different types of writing style. They both are in different genres one is a horror story and one is a Sci-FI. Both of these stories are quite different, but also the same as they are very interesting short stories to be told.

The first short story is the short story called The Tell A tale Heart Which was written by the author named Edgar Allan Poe . The Tell A tale Heart is a story that has a fear factor, it is a horror story, It is made to put pressure on the reader to induce fear. It is about a butler that loves his master , but also he thinks that his eye is evil with his condition cataracts. In the short story there is a urgency for justice towards the old man when the butler kills him in bed. You also feel scared for the
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In some ways both short stories were written with some similarities in mind. In both of the short stories that were told there was a death taken place which is a sad thing in stories that could affect the mood of the reader. After the death, there is someone to clean it up and keep it secret so no one would know In both of the stories there is a unique writing style used to add effect to the story. These are some of the things that were used in both stories that kind of put them together as
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