Compare And Contrast Tell Tale Heart And Landlady

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Have you read the stories the “Landlady and the Tell Tale Heart”? These stories have many comparisons , differences and characteristics put in their stories. The “Landlady and the Tell Tale Heart” are very creepy in in the way it is described while you read it and how it is pictured in your mind. In addition, to this the “Landlady and the Tell Tale Heart” are mainly called short stories because it is not really a book or a long story. Both stories have cliffhangers and foreshadowing in its story. Lastly the stories are written by different authors like for the “Landlady” there is Roald Dahl and for the “Tell Tale Heart” Edgar Allan Poe. The “Landlady” is a story that shows foreshadowing which is the use of clues or hints suggesting events…show more content…
It has many parts that show suspicion and a lot of dramatic parts in the story. This story all starts off with a butler who had this idea in his mind that haunted him day and night. It was about the old man’s eye for he had been haunted. Every night he had opened the old man’s door very quietly with a lantern all closed that no light would be shone. He slowly opened the lantern so that it shone upon the old man’s eye. On the eighth night he went back to the room and was about to open the lantern when the butler’s thumb had slipped, as the old man sprang up and cried out, “Who’s there?” Pg. 204. Secondly, he quietly left the room thinking what the old man had in his mind. He gone back in a shone the light upon his eye and at once he leaped into the room and the old man had shrieked. For the butler knew it would be heard by the neighbor. The old man’s heart beated and he died. He went and went to go see if he had a pulse. The butler had taken the corpse and chopped it up into pieces first the head then the arms and the legs. He had taken the body parts and took three planks and placed them inside under it. While there are a lot of similarities between the two stories there are also many differences. The “Landlady and the Tell Tale Heart” both have a caretaker involved and many mysterious events in it. They are also very frightening, deadly and creepy short stories. For, they have many differences. The “Tell Tale Heart”…show more content…
As, for the recap have you read the “Landlady and the Tell Tale Heart”? Throughout this essay the first two paragraphs represent and tell the summary of both of these short stories. The third was about the comparison’s and the differences between the stories. If you were to read both stories it would probably give more detail. Although, they are both intriguing they are both good to
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