Compare And Contrast Temas And Jerry's Test

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Although Temas and Jerry 's tests were similar in being rites of passage for the two boys, their tests differ on the basis of being official or unofficial. Whether Temas or Jerry 's test is official or unofficial is determined by who assigns it. Temas has to become a warrior of his tribe to defend their cattle from the lions. Because Temas is assigned his test by his tribe 's elders, he feels that he must pass in order to earn his manhood through becoming a warrior. Alternatively Jerry assigns his test to himself because he wants to act less childlike; gain independence from his mother and to fit in with the local boys. Because Jerry assigned his test to himself, he feels that he must pass in order to change how he sees himself and how…show more content…
Although Temas and Jerry face different tests with different circumstances, the results of both boys’ tests were successful. Temas could be described as successful because he killed the lion. Once Temas killed the lion, the members of his tribe recognized him as a masai Warrior. Jerry also proved Successful by completing his test. Jerry swim through the tunnel and came out on the other side after completing his test, Jerry no longer felt immature or attached to his mother nor did he feel the need to fit in with the local boys period comparatively both boys were successful in their test; Temas killed his line and became a warrior; and Jerry swam through the tunnel and no longer felt inferior to those around him. As well as their primary successes Temas and Jerry also received secondary benefits from passing their test. Temas eventually forms a friendship with Medoto after he shares his own experience of fear during his test. Temas and Medoto bond is formed over the fear they both had during their tests; Temas displays how he values their bond by cutting Kelighan’s belt and giving the other half to Medoto. Similarly to Temas, Jerry also received other benefits from his test: his ability to hold his breath Underwater period while preparing himself to swim through the tunnel, Jerry practice holding his breath under the water because if you practiced before his test he was able to hold his breath for 2 minutes. Both boys gained other forms of success through their test;
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