Compare And Contrast Texas Constitution

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Things are bigger in Texas, but not only are things bigger, they 're a lot different as well. How are they different? What puts us apart from being like every other country in our nation? Our government for one, we are the only state that survived on it 's own. We were our own republic, Republic of Texas, to be correct. That is, until December 29, 1845 when we were finally annexed into the United States. Although we were annexed and treated the same as every other country in the nation, our government plays by a somewhat unique set of rules unlike any other state in our country.
I have lived in Texas since the day I was born, and I never realized that our state 's constitution has quite a bit different rules and obligations than our Nation 's constitution. For starters; The United States Constitution is made up of seven articles, but on the other hand the Texas constitution is made up of seventeen articles. The United States constitution has been amended 27 times in over 200 years, compared to Texas ' constitution being amended over 400 times in 100 years. Can you see the difference?
One difference I find unique is the division of powers across the executive branch within the government. The U.S. constitution doesn 't do this, they rely on the joint work of their executive branch to get
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Another big thing in Texas’ Executive branch. The Governor in Texas is considered a ‘weak governor’. They are referred as ‘weak governors’ due to the fact they have very little power, second to last when it comes to executive powers to be exact, but Texas governors are one of the nation’s most visible state officials and among the highest paid governor in the United States. When you think of Texas Governors most people think of George W. Bush, he was the governor of Texas before becoming the President of The United States. It would be nice to know how he felt about the differences in the Texas executive branch and the U.S. executive branch, since he was the head position in
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