Compare And Contrast The Age Of Reason And Enlightenment

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The age of reason and enlightenment was a period where people were trapped and confined to one way of life, one way of living or job. An example of this is in a fascist society where you bow down to one person and one person only. John Locke, Mary Wollenstone, Voltaire, Adam Smith were all philosophers in the Age of Enlightenment. John Locke wrote in 1690 The Second Treatise on Civil Government this showed what his opinion on government is. Voltaire’s Letters Concerning The English Nation says that if many religions in a government that allows it. The people will be at peace and not concerned with each other. The philosophers during the enlightenment period who were looking for one thing the natural laws of philosophy, human thinking. Just like Isaac Newton found what gravity is. They strived to find how the human mind thought of the world and politics. The ideas that the philosopher said in their documents are; economic rights, religious…show more content…
“Led by an invisible hand to promote an end which is no part of his intention.” When people give charity it is not bad but it can affect society around you and make the economy less efficient. Equal rights was the main topic of wollenstone’s document. “ In short reason and experience have led me to believe that the only method of leading women to fulfil their particular duties is to free the from all restraint by allowing them to participate in the inherent right of mankind.” This says if you allow women to be educated they would be equals. Voltaire 's documents main idea is religious freedom. “ If England had one religion the government would be corrupt with power. If there was two religions they would be in constant battles. If the people were allowed to be there would be no chaos.” This says that if the government had given everyone religious right will bring
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