Compare And Contrast The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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“The Great Gatsby ” written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The setting it takes place is in a imaginary city on Long Island. Fitzgerald tried to illustrate the real world of prosperous communities with their parties and fancy house. The novel focuses on a character named Jay Gatsby he is a wealthy man who lives in a enormous mansion. During the whole novel Gatsby tries to reconnect with his one true love a woman from his previous life named Daisy. But Daisy the women he wishes to reconnect with is married to a man that is wealthy his name was Tom Buchanan. Both of them love Daisy a lot and will not let her go. The outcome of them not letting her go led them to awful decisions to win over Daisy. However they show different characteristics to accomplish there goal of getting Daisy. Gatsby is trying to win Daisy while Tom is trying to stay married to her. This novel will show us how Tom and Gatsby will compare and both characters will show us how they relate to the theme Fitzgerald presents in the story. The theme of this story is the "American Dream". Both of the characters are in their thirties and both are apart of Daisy 's past. They are both very wealthy and they went to excellent universities. They are both smart and know most of the same people. They have memories in their past that they wouldn 't want others knowing. Gatsby is most worried about people finding out he was born from a poor family and, that his original name was James Gats from North Dakota. He created a new him
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