Compare And Contrast The American Revolution Vs French Revolution

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The American and French Revolution are both remembered in history as two major changes that would shape what we know today. Every child learns of the American Revolution at least once in their lives. Both these revolutions had the similar cause, effects, and stages that resulted or started them. Just like in every warring country, it is inevitable that there will be some change that occurs whether it be for the better or for worse. Although the American and French revolutions were very similar in the actions, there were many differences leading them into ultimately different paths and states of rest. In the first place, both the American and French Revolution had their causes that would change history. The American Revolution was caused by the greed of the British and the thoughts of the enlightened people. All the peasants wanted to be free of the unfair taxation on items such as tea and stamps considering they had no say. This coincides with James Otis’s phrase, “taxation without representation is tyranny,” which led to, “no taxation without representation.” Enlightened thinkers such as Locke gave the ideas that it was the government's job to protect the people life, liberty, and property.These enlightened thinkers…show more content…
The people wanted a change from their tyrannical lives. Every revolution ends at different paths or states of government that will control for a while before a new revolution occurs. With the end of one revolution comes a brand new one, inspired by the previous as everyone wants to have change for the better or so they think. No country wants to leave behind and falls short of greatness and so a revolution begins. The American revolution was one of the few that held their changes and escaped their oppressionist or their captors; the French were left struggling under one rule and the weight of the last
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