Compare And Contrast The American Revolutions Between 1750 And 1850

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The United States, France, Haiti, and many other countries all underwent series of revolutions between 1750 and 1850. A few events provided impetus for these revolutions: the Reformation, the Industrial Revolution, and the Enlightenment. The Reformation was a religious reform movement that began in the early 1500s and split the Western Christian Church. Fed by not only religious reasons but also by by political and social factors, the transformation provided a source of power for many rulers and shaped European colonial expansion. Likewise, the Industrial Revolution was the time period between 1780 and 1850 that contained many major inventions and economic expansion in certain industries. Furthermore, the Enlightenment was a movement in the late…show more content…
The Industrial Revolution refers to the major inventions and economic growth that happened in certain industries in the mid-eighteenth to mid-nineteenth centuries. A few important inventions that are worth noting are the spinning jenny, water frame, and steam engine. The spinning jenny was a simple, inexpensive, hand-powered machine used to sin fine, slender thread much more efficiently. Likewise, the water frame was a spinning machine that contained several hundred spindles, but rather, using water power. Most importantly, the steam engine used coal to produce steam, which was used to operate a pump. However, while transportation via the steam engine was no more faster than traveling by horse, the amount of goods that people were able to transport increased drastically, providing impetus for rapid growth because manufacturers could have more supplies to make more items. In conclusion, the Industrial Revolution was important in starting revolutions, because it provided the mindset that change and improvement could, in fact, be beneficial and that the conventional way is not the best
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