Compare And Contrast The Ancient River Valley Civilization

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Life in the ancient river valley civilizations was different for each region. A perfect example would be the Egyptians river and the Yellow river both are river valley civilizations but each have different geography, social structures, beliefs, gender roles, literature, weapons and technology. In the Egyptian river valley geography is very important, they relied on the Nile rivers floodings that lasted about 4 months providing them with fresh waste free soil the many seas surrounding this civilization acted as a barrier aiding them in war and fighting off diseases. As for the Yellow river civilization geography affected them negatively its surroundings make it difficult to trade crops and livestock so they have to dedicate themselves greatly to producing their own food. Social structure was different as well the Yellow rivers was divided into four territories ruled by Aristocratic warlords but those four warlords were ruled by the king. Although they had more than one leader the civilization was an autocracy. As for the Egyptian river civilization their social structure was a little more complex they had a king, a ruling class, craftsman, farmers, marginalized groups, and slaves. Their religious beliefs are similar yet different both civilizations believe in multiple gods…show more content…
father roles arrange marriages and controls the amount of education each child receives the father also chooses the careers for his son's. Like many early civilizations women have a subordinate position in the families they don't have many rights. The same goes for the gender roles in the Egyptian valley the Men always have higher power over the women but it wasn't as strongly enforced as the Yellow river civilization. Women were allowed to become priests in religious cults giving them some slight power in religion but men were still respected and taken more serious compared to
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