Compare And Contrast The Anglo Saxon And The 21st Century

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Anglo-Saxon and the 21st Century The Anglo-Saxon period is one of the earliest ages in Great Britain. Anglo-Saxon period, like any other periods has its own aspects and areas. Comparing with the present period, the 21st century period, there are similarities and differences in various aspects of the period. One aspect is their language. The language of the Anglo-Saxons was called Old English. The earliest form of English language is the Old English. It was spoken in England and Scotland during the early Middle Ages (Old English, n.d.). It evolved to Middle English when the Norman French started invading Great Britain. The Anglo-Saxon widows married the Norman soldiers, they had children and they spoke a mixture of Anglo-Saxon and Norman French. This resulted to the Middle English. The Middle English then evolved to what we speak as of today, the Modern English. The words of the Old English were short, plain and ornamental. They were simple and really easy to understand. As I have researched, some words that are used today that are of Anglo-Saxon origin are ask, baby, sweat, chat and eat. The Anglo-Saxon words were really hard to understand and comprehend. The words of the present period are composed of simple and complex words. Words that are evolving through time. Words today are, of course, easy to understand. If they were not easy to understand then we would not be able to speak it. Both the Old English language and the Modern English language are related to each

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