Compare And Contrast The Awakening Of Hamlet And Laertes

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The Awakening Of Hamlet and Laertes The awakening of Hamlet and Laertes, has us all wondering on what the real issue is, and who the real victim is in the scene. Hamlet and Laertes both have awoken; with both of them realizing the truth, and what is really happening; things are starting to be more open minded, and in between the scenes things do not start to look good at all. To bring you into reality, and to explain the similarities with Hamlet and Laertes, I will be first explaining the details with Hamlet. Hamlet is a young man, a man who honors his mother and father. After Hamlet’s father was murdered, he was seek to revenge his father’s killer; but the real question here is who is the real killer, and why did he kill his father? Hamlet received a message from his father, returning in a ghost form, King Hamlet is calling upon his son to seek revenge on his brother Claudius. Claudius murdered his own brother, and seized the throne to become a King just like Hamlet. Claudius loved the power that his brother had, and he wanted the same opportunity and gifts just like him and to be the king of Denmark. Figuring out how Hamlet and Laertes is a liked and disliked is a 50/50 situation; most of the play they are similar. Starting with the death of his father, Hamlet’s behavior has changed rapidly, being the King’s only son, Hamlet took on full responsibility of his father 's death. Hamlet thought, maybe if he was there things would still be the same, and his mother would of

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