Compare And Contrast The Belion Of Personhood In Christian Theism And Deism

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Compare and contrast the notion of personhood in Christian Theism and Deism. What implications can you find with regard to caring for patients? [Author] [Institution] Introduction Theism, is an active belief of a person, where he indulges in god who is not just creator of the world, they think truly that believing on God demands to spent life according to him , also might have the requirement of worship, listen to prayers, bring sinners to justice, and might also have created a sacred son or other relative to reside among humans .If theism is true, than all forms of non- theism are false as worshiping God make us think logically that this is true as in world every super power demands from people who are under its spell to live with some rules . God cannot be both personal and impersonal or beyond the universe and not beyond the universe, or able to perform miracles and not able to perform miracles. He is someone have divine powers nobody can have and he is supreme among all who can control all events and operation and nobody on this planet earth and beyond can move without his permit and he is decision taker they have this concept and normal brain agree on this concept (O 'Connor, 2012). Deism is the firm belief in God who has made this world but who never interrupts its operations with non-natural events. It is atheism minus miracles. God does not interfere with his creation. Rather, he designed it to run independent of him by immutable natural laws. In

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