Personhood In Christian Theism

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Compare and contrast the notion of personhood in Christian Theism and Deism. What implications can you find with regard to caring for patients?

Theism, is an active belief of a person, where he indulges in god who is not just creator of the world, they think truly that believing on God demands to spent life according to him , also might have the requirement of worship, listen to prayers, bring sinners to justice, and might also have created a sacred son or other relative to reside among humans .If theism is true, than all forms of non- theism are false as worshiping God make us think logically that this is true as in world every super power demands from people who are under its spell to live
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There is only one power, God.
2. Only he ought to be worshiped.
3. Piety and virtue are the essential parts of divine worship.
4. We are accountable to seek apology for our sins and ponder them.
5. Divine good deeds gives rewards while sins lead to punishments both in this life and life after it.
Medical and Spiritual patient care
Before Christianity emerged, there were several hospital-like centers in Buddhist regions. The ancient Greeks practiced a very simple form of medicine and Greek temples included places where the sick could sleep and receive help but they do not have cure for fatal disease and many people die just because of curable disease but not handled well on time by knowledgeable people. The palliative care that they offered the sick even simple provision of food and water without skilled medical attention would have reduce mortality considerably they said modern medical experts believe that continuous nursing without any medication cold cut mortality rate by two third or even more. Christian diaconal care was observed because there was no religious and philosophical or social basis for it. In classical antiquity the household or family provided the chief locus of health care. In their ties spiritual care was more valued than medical treatments they didn’t believe much on technologies they were less invention in that time Than the Romans are believed to have established some military hospitals is excellent step in medical revolution (Ferngren, 2009). I personally witness some religions and peoples concepts about healing Like Muslims believe that prayer is very important factor to get rid of any pathology its necessary to ask from God. People belonging to Asian cultures are accustomed to relying on distinct health practices and beliefs that are significantly different from those of native born Americans and other peoples. As patients belonging to different domains, health beliefs can have a profound impact on clinical care. I think that spiritual

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