Compare And Contrast The Biological Approach

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Main premises standing behind the science of psychology is an explanation and differentiation between a normal and abnormal behaviour. The way how a society perceived and described the abnormal behaviour has been evaluating throughout the years. Although, these days, two of most popular models deserve a particular attention. The first one called the biological approach, believes that the abnormal behaviour has its source in a physical difficulties. Second one, the behaviourist approach assumes that the abnormal behaviour depends on the environmental influence. Major aim of the biological approach is that, if there is an existence of any physical abnormality, then there is also a possibility of restoring that abnormality by using some kind…show more content…
This method, used in the past, was largely abandoned after the discovery of the antipsychotic drugs. In the UK, it is recommended only in extreme cases. Third approach, psychosurgery, is a procedure which involves cutting out or burning brain nerves that are responsible for the disorder. The biological approach has got its strengths and weaknesses. One of the most obvious positives is that the biological model makes easier to understand that the particular mental disorder is due to chance rather than the fault of the individual. In consequence, this means that mental abnormalities are generally more understood in today’s society. One of the weaknesses of this method is that it is focused on physical causes and in most cases ignores environmental sources. Also, by providing a reduced knowledge to people this approach may insinuate that their mental well being depends mostly on medication and health care they receive. Lastly, no matter how effective drugs and ECT may be, drugs still can have side effects, may create physical and psychological dependency, as well as it is still unclear how ECT actually
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