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Birds Contrast Paper
Nat felt the beating of wings about him in the darkness. In the story “The Birds” by Du Maurier it is about a family who is getting attacked by birds but the whole town understands what is happening and all defend themselves. But in the movie “The Birds” by Hitcock it is a romance movie mixed with a darker film. Although both versions of the story attempts to make a lasting impact on their audiences, du Marnier’s novella is ultimately more successful due to the author’s use of mood, plot, and conflict.
In the movie version of “The Birds” the three things they lack are mood, plot, and conflict. When you watch the movie you can’t understand what the plot is at the beginning of the movie. For instance, at the beginning of …show more content…

One thing that is different than the movie is mood. In the story you can tell what the characters are thinking. For example when Nat goes to the barn to go get the supplies, the text shows the feelings that he had. The text say, “Nat was filled with misgiving” (Du Maurier 15). This shows the emotion Nat has going to the barn after the bird attack. In the story you can also indicate the problem from the beginning of the story. We know that the birds are going to a problem the whole story because on the first page the farmer tells Nat, “The birds are going to be a problem this year” (Du Maurier 1). This shows that the plot of the story is going to be about the birds and how they impact the characters in the story. Lastly, in the story you can spot the conflict quickly. You can tell the birds are going to be a problem because that is the plot and that title of the story, but in the story Du Maurier starts talking about the birds attacking on the second page of the story. In the story, the birds are attacking Nat by crashing threw the window. Du Maurier writes, “He shut the window and went back to bed, but feeling his knuckles wet, put his mouth to the scratch. The bird had drawn blood” (2). This shows the birds are going to be a problem because they are attacking Nat and his

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