Compare And Contrast The Book Freak The Mighty

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“ Killer Kane Killer Kane had a son who had no brain” was what all the bullies said to Max and that's what Max thought about himself before he met Freak. Freak the Mighty is about two kids named Kevin and Max. They both have disabilities, Kevin has a physical disability while Max has a learning disability. Together they go against their disabilities and become Freak the Mighty. The book Freak the Mighty was made by Rodman Philbrick. The movie The Mighty was made in 1998 based off the book Freak the Mighty. Both the book and the movie are not the same because of how they illustrated Freaks illness and death, how they became Freak the Mighty, and how the friendship develops between Max and Kevin. One of the major differences between…show more content…
For example, in the movie Freak and Max never go to daycare together which causes the parents to never know each other. Another point is, Max never got the ornithopter out of the tree in the beginning of the movie which made a symbol at the end of the movie for letting go of Freak and not a bond for their friendship in the beginning. Which causes the friendship to start off on the wrong foot. Also, in the movie Freak pays Max to go to the fireworks which changes the knowledge of some characters. In conclusion, Max's friendship with Kevin makes a huge difference in the plot because if one thing in their friendship changes it slows down the friendship or accelerates the friendship. Another difference between the book and the movie is how Max and Freak become Freak the Mighty. For example, Freak and Max in the book at the pond become Freak the Mighty. However, in the movie they become Freak the Mighty at the museum which triggered Freak the Mighty to be delayed. Which causes delay in the main plot of Freak the Mighty. Another point is, the Diner scene in the movie. The Diner scene shows the strength of Freak the Mighty. The Diner scene matters because it gives you an actual example of the strength of Freak the Mighty and not
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