Compare And Contrast The Challenges Of Industrialization

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Storyboard INDUSTRIALIZATION America faced many challenges during the industrializing time period. Though, these challenges helped improve most conditions. In 1878, inventor Thomas Edison, went to see a set of experimental arc lights. These lights were too hot and bright though for everyday use. Edison studied the light, power, and structure and became inspired to invent a practical incandescent lamp for everyday use, known as a light bulb. Many scientists practiced for years out of trial and error to invent a perfect bulb. After many fails of finding a fiber that would give a light bulb it’s perfect glow, Edison decided to use bamboo fibers. Finally he had created a bulb that would not melt. Even though Edison achieved his goal, that did not stop him from moving forward. He continue to create an electrical system. Thomas Edison continued to industrialize after inventing the bulb, thus giving us life of electricity. LABOR ISSUES The U.S faced…show more content…
Mark Twain named this time period The Gilded Age because he believed America and its industries were glittering on top of it’s surface, but corrupt underneath. Money meant power,and power meant political power. Bribery was a common process of political power and it let to a widespread competition. This is a way America was changing politically. America was changing economically by the help of industry owners, captains of industry and robber barons. Captain of industry were owners who sought the benefits of production for the greater good. Like building railroads to modernize transportation or improving working conditions for employees. Robber barons were those who only saw industrializing as profit and would monopolize for their own benefit. It was problems like this that caused Americans to change socially. People were forming union labors, muckrakers were exposing private industustries, and organizations were winning their fight with
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