Compare And Contrast The Democrats And The Federalists

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The United States of America established itself as a nation that advocated a political system subjected to the construct of democracy. This system was created to represent its citizens so that they may not grow weary in a tyrant monarchy, such as that of the British before the American Revolution [1]. The forefathers gathered to establish a constitution that respected the rights of its citizens and debated with much tension to how authority would be exercised in such a representative government. History has shared an active evolution to the structure of government within the United States , yet America today is actively still subjected to the famous political party establishment that was made in the years of 1783-1815. The political party commonly known were the Federalist and the Democratic Republicans – two very different ideal groups that helped change America. The Federalist Party was founded in the year 1792 and dissolved in the year…show more content…
The party was originated by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. The party was created as a response of opposition to Hamilton’s Federalist Party who vouched for a strong national government. The Democratic-Republicans believed that a Federal government would only weaken the authority granted by the states. The party was built on the conservation of the Constitution to not be neglected but enforced in order to maintain civility. Democratic-Republicans fundamentally understood the United States as a confederation of diverse entities or states that unified under specific common interests [6]. Those in the party opposed the creation of a national bank and favored relations with the French as opposed to the Federalist who cared more for the British. The party received much success with four presidential candidates, a strong focus on supporting the middle class, and expanding the United States through the Louisiana Purchase of 1803
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