Compare And Contrast: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Anne Frank Compare and Contrast The Diary of Anne Frank takes place Amsterdam, Netherlands. In the book Anne and her family are Jews in World War II. Because of the oppression of the Jews, Anne and her family are forced to go into hiding. Anne, her mom Edith, her dad Otto, her sister Margot, Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, Peter Van Daan, and Mr. Dussel. In the beginning of the story, Anne is very emotional because she had to leave her friends and old life behind. Our class witnessed two different versions of the story, a play and a movie, but even though these are based off of the same book, they have several differences and similarities. There were many similarities between the play and the movie. The first one I will address is that in both Miep…show more content…
The first one that I will address is that in the play the Van Daans are already in the Annex when the Franks arrive, but in the movie, the Franks are already in the Annex and had been there for a while when the Van Daans arrived. The next difference is that in the play Peter knocks over a lamp when the robbers are downstairs, but in the movie, Peter does not knock over the lamp while the robbers are down stairs. In the movie Anne has more of a romantic relationship with Peter, but in the book it is more of just a friendly relationship. In the book Anne and Peter do not have a good relationship. It is just Anne teasing Peter, but in the movie they are friends early on. In the movie Anne feels like she has to be with Peter more often. She feels safer with Peter in the movie. In conclusion, there are different versions of the Diary of Anne Frank, like plays and movies, and they are not all the same. The different versions, although, also have many similarities. Overall, the movie was better than the play because it went into more depth and detail into Anne’s feelings. This movie was a real eye opener to what Jews had to experience during the reign of the Nazi
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