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The Paper Fights Back

This paper will compare the movies The Empire Strikes back and Fight Club. These films were both huge success when released. Although both these movies are completely different from each other, they do have many similarities as well. Each film has their own ideals with gender socialization, political views, and social structure. In addition to that each film does an amazing job with the special effects, camera angles, and mise en scène. The plot of The Empire Strikes Back is about Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Chewbacca. These characters are attacked by the Imperial forces on the ice planet Hoth. Han and Leia both escape on the Millennium
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It is defined as the process of learning the social expectations and attitudes associated with one’s sex. In The Empire Strikes Back gender socialization is viewed in many scenes, one for example is when Luck firsts lays his eyes on Leia and says, “Who is she? She 's beautiful.” This is an example of gender socialization because it shows that Luke 's gaze on princess Leia makes is seem like she is an object more so than a person. My thoughts on this scene also agree with Peter W. Lee and his thoughts. Lee said, “His inquiry and masculine gaze which he objectifies Leia’s physical appearance” (Lee 97). Another example of how The Empire Strikes Back portrays gender socialization is when luke comes to the rescue to save Leia, Luke says, “here to rescue you” to Leia. Lee also agrees with this concept of gender socialization, Lee said, “This is further reinforced when Luke opens the door to cell 2187 and immediately assumes the role of the hero” (Lee 97). Camera angles is also a very important part here. When Luke opens the door the door to the cell the angle is already portraying Luke as the hero because the shot is in low angle. This allows viewers to assume that he is the hero before any words are spoken since it allows the object in frame to seem bigger. Gender socialization is completely different in Fight Club. In the movie Fight Club a great example of gender socialization is the scene at the support group, a women…show more content…
In the movie The Empire Strikes Back The social structure in that movie is very similar to the social structure in Fight Club. In the both movies the male figure seems to have the power, whether it being Luke, Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back or Tyler in Fight Club. A great example of this is when Tyler is telling the new recruits some of the rules. Tyler says, “One Fight at a time, no shirts, no shoes. If it 's your first night at fight club, you have to fight”. This is showing social structure because Tytler is showing that is is the leader and you must abide by these rules. An example of this in The empire Strikes Back is when Luke is saving Leia and he gives out all the commands on which way to go and what to do. In both movies mise en
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