Compare And Contrast The Federalist And Anti Federalists

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The Federalists and Anti-Federalists
The Federalists were the people who supported and proposed the U.S. Constitution. They had a wish of a stronger national government and were in favor to ratify the U.S. Constitution to manage debt and pressure following the American Revolution. Most of the Federalists lived in the metropolitan areas. The Federalists wanted the government to help regulate the economy because the majority of them dominate big business and arts. They supported the central banking and central financial policies. Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, John Jay, and John Adams were some of the federalists on those days (Diffen, n.d),
Anti- Federalists were the opponents of the U.S. Constitution. They opposed in establishing a stronger U.S. Federal Government and the ratifying of the Constitution in 1787 (Morone & Kersh, 2016). Most of the anti-federalists lived in countryside areas. Anti- Federalists includes Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams. They felt that States were independent agents and they should be in charge of their revenues (Diffen, n.d).
Federalist Paper #10
In Federalist Paper 10, Madison the author argues how to stop "factions?” Madison defined faction as a group of citizens, who strive to gain benefit according to
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In the paper, Madison described that " each department should have a will of its own" (Seagrave, P.39, 2017). The will of its own will aid to create power exercise for the governments and protection of freedom. It should be in a form that each member should have the influence to suggest someone to take a role of others. Also, every member in each department should not depend on another authority come to a solution of their salary and benefits. Besides, Madison argued that the interest of the person should associate with the constitutional rights of the situation (Seagrave,
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