Compare And Contrast The Founding Fathers

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The founding fathers were smart men who the world looked up to because of their smart decisions, actions, that directed the U.S. to what it is today. But sadly in today’s society most people either have forgotten the things they did for us, or they just do not care. The founding fathers were great men who led this country to victory in war and on the political front. And often early U.S. history is portrayed as moving smoothly for the colonies turning into the a country of its own , but in reality it was just the opposite.
George Washington our first president had problems figuring out ways to control the new nation as it progressed under his leadership. One of these ways was the articles of confederation which described the rules of which the thirteen states would operate. Also the bill of Rights which states the rights of the people which were not to be taken away, but have slowly but surely started to be taken away in the U.S. at this time. Washington was a great leader that people
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The committee of five had five respected men that represented a state. This committee drafted the Declaration of Independence and the key person that drafted the Declaration was Thomas Jefferson. He later became the third president of the U.S. and with this he strived to better the nation’s shipping and trade. One of the things that Jefferson did but was not the best decision was to reduce the army. Jefferson thought that by reducing the standing army and that in turn it would increase the government. One of the things that isn’t good is the proclamation of the embargo act of 1807 which in turn stopped foreign trade which made the depression happen. Jefferson was regarded as the leader of republicans which were nothing like they are today. Because of Jefferson’s knowledge on politics, religion, and philosophy which earned him the presidency along with the favor of the
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