Compare And Contrast The Four Senses Of Descriptive M & M Candy

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I used four senses are created an imagine about descriptive M&M candy. Firstly, start with my sight as eyes look at the M&M candy. It had many multicolor, rounds, little shinnies, and has single m letter on them. Secondly, I touched them. I felt they had hard surface, warm, very smooth, and melted some chocolates when I held them with my hand. Thirdly, I used my smell directed at them. It was no smell excepted I can have smelled them soon as they were burned like chocolate with puffy muffin! Finally, put M&M candy in my mouth, and used my tongue. I felt my taste like very sweet as a chocolate with the peanut. It was very cold until melted into vanilla flavored. The imagine about descriptive M&M candy are very amazing delicious soon as I became
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