Compare And Contrast The France Revolutions Between 1830 And 1848

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During the 17th century in Europe, there was major social and political disgruntlement among the people, because of this many European experienced revolutions. Two countries who gained the most traction in their revolutions and saw major change was France and what is now known as Germany. France experienced revolutions in both 1830 and 1848, while Germany experienced a revolution in 1848.

I will be focusing on both of Frances revolutions as they were both caused due to corrupt governments and the goal of both was similar, a more republican nation. The reason France had a revolution in 1830 was because the royalist believed the kings had too much power, in 1815 the Congress of Vienna had put a Bourbon Monarch into power names Louis XVIII
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By 1824 King Louis XVIII was succeeded by his Brother Charles X whom also assumed absolute power and created new laws restricting the rights of the citizens. He attempted to overthrow the parliament when elections didn 't end in his favor, rid the citizens of the right to vote and rejected Frances constitution. It was these actions that caused Frances initial revolution in 1830, the people demanded more rights and made it so that Charles X would be the last Monarch with absolute power. However, 18 years later many of Frances citizens were still terribly unhappy with their government King Louis Philippe was extremely corrupt, many people were still unable to vote, a major recession made it so that many citizens were barely able to eat. Despite all of this, the revolution of 1848 in France didn 't gain much traction until King Louis Philippe refused to expand the industrial and baking franchises. Around this time, the expansion of railroads would have been a great way to create new jobs for the people. Instead, King Philippe create a small group of elite bankers and industrials. Republican parties began to become more powerful and increased in numbers thus
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