Compare And Contrast The Giver And Gathering Blue

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Lois Lowry, an American writer who wrote more than twenty inspiring books for children and the most famous books she ever wrote was the giver and gathering blue. Each book has a different protagonist but both of them have been written in the future era. She wanted to write books as it was her passion and she has taught many young readers on how to deal with social and political life. She is best known for writing books on expressing realistic life experience. The two books I read were The giver and Gathering Blue, these two books talk on how she wants society to become a better place in the future. Lowry 's life had inspired many young readers. Her parents who had died a few years back left her in between and her two sisters ditched her. She wanted to something interesting of her own imagination as her two sisters left her. ' 'I was a solitary child, born the middle of three, who lived in the world of books and my own imagination’. Lowry studied law at Packer Collegiate in Brooklyn heights New York, where she finished her high school and after that she got her degree at the…show more content…
The two books that I read were the giver and gathering blue. The giver was a book, which was part of the Quartet series and so was Gathering blue. Both of these books are the best books Lois Lowry has written in her career. The giver was a story about a boy named Jonas, twelve years old who lives in some kind of overpowered society where less people are staying there. He does not have the right to say anything and the elders control everything. When you get a bit old you are assigned a job. It was Jonas’s time to be assigned a job by the elders living there. Jonas and his family have been taking care of a small baby named Gabriel who is living in their community. If this child named Gabriel does not get well soon he will be sent away from the community, this being one of the rules of the community. If someone does not take care of someone that well, that child or person will be sent
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