Compare And Contrast The Giver And Harrison Bergeron

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How can one change what they know is wrong? In the short story Harrison Bergeron, Harrison’ community makes sure that no one has any advantages. They create mental and physical disabilities to do so. Jonas, from The Giver by Lois Lowry, gets assigned as the receiver of memory, the most important job. He ends up leaving the community, releasing all of the memories that have been taken away to create sameness. Harrison and Jonas are the only people that feel differently about their society only because of their braveness, Intelligence, and willingness to rebel. These two characters try to find ways to better their communities through their own personal expeditions.

Harrison and Jonas are extremely brave. Both characters actions and speech prove truly how courageous they are. Harrison wanted people to listen to him, so he took matters into his own hands. ““Do you hear, I am the emperor! Everybody must do what I say at once!”” He stamped his foot and the studio shook” This shows that Harrison was risking his life by storming into a public room demanding something. Jonas showed bravery in a similar way,
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In the beginning of The Giver, Jonas was missing the quality to that would allow him to fight against the government. However, after becoming the receiver of memory he began to obtain that quality. “He would need those to help him find the elsewhere they were sure existed. They knew it would be a very difficult journey.” We can tell that because he was willing, nothing would be able to stop him from rebelling, even though he could die. Harrison is also very willing. “Harrison bergeron has just escaped from jail where he was held on suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government.” This quote makes it apparent that Harrison wants to change the government, but he can't do so because it is against the law. It also proves that Harrison is willing to rebel despite the negative consequences that
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