Great Gatsby Book Vs Movie Essay

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The Great Gatsby

There are two The Great Gatsby movies out their, the 1974 movie directed by Jack Clayton, and the 2013 movie directed by Baz Luhrmann. The novel was originally written in 1925, by author F. Scott Fitzgerald. And wasn 't actually noticed as a great book until he was already passed away. If I were to have to say which movie F. Scott Fitzgerald would prefer more, I would say the 2013 film.

I believe the scenes showed in the 2013 movie, directed by Baz Luhrmann, would be more appreciated by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Rather than the 1974 movie, directed by Jack Clayton. I think the 2013 film does a better job, showing the scenes and making them look good. They are more exciting and alive, and show better detail overall from the book.
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Scott Fitzgerald would definitely like to see details he had in the book in the movie. He would for sure prefer the 2013 film over the 1974 film. In the new movie, the giant party scene. I believe Fitzgerald would definitely admire the detail put into the party scene for the new movie. In the movie scene it starts with Nick admiring the whole entire event. Nick runs into Jordan Baker, whose friend Lucille, speculates that Gatsby was a German spy during the war. Nick and Jordan, curious about their host, set out to find Gatsby. But instead, they run into a middle aged man with owl eyes. Sitting in Gatsby 's library. At midnight, Nick and Jordan, go outside to watch the entertainment. They sit at a table with a handsome young man who says who says that Nick looks familiar. They realized that they served in the same division during the war. The man introduces himself as Jay Gatsby. Fitzgerald would definitely prefer the newer movie, because the party just looks so much more crazy and fun. Just how he wrote it, there 's people dancing and drinking everywhere. Fireworks are going off, people are jumping into pools. Musicians doing their thing. In the older movie all we see is people dancing and jumping into the fountain. We don’t see all the extra detail like thats in the first one. So I believe Fitzgerald would prefer this scene of the newer movie than the older movie cause of the good detail put into
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