Compare And Contrast The Great Gatsby

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The American Dream is the biggest comparison in the two novels and a secondary addition to that could be how unrealistic they are. Gatsby is completely impractical about his dream, he convinces himself that Daisy will leave her husband, child and her life to be with him. Afterwards Gatsby started realizing what was going on and started to panic and worry when it was not going his way, however he was always filled with fear of failure he never once gave up hope on Daisy even through very tough situations such as Myrtle’s death. Lennie was similar in the way that he would get himself into trouble on the contrary he still expected his dream to come true but he never realized that it would never be possible if he kept getting himself into trouble.…show more content…
Gatsby seemed to have the most luxurious life and the narrator in the story he never understood why Gatsby would want anything more but that is why the title is The Great Gatsby because the great is an illusion (similar to a magician) of a great life. “His intangible dream is somewhat disturbing; and what is more unnerving is the effort and energy he puts into his outrageous plans, and the lengths he goes to in order to chase after and fulfill his unrealistic dream.” (Íris Ósk
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