Compare And Contrast The Han Dynasty And T Ang Dynasty

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The Qin dynasty, The Han Dynasty, and The T'ang Dynasty are all very important dynasty’s to china’s culture. A dynasty is a line of hereditary rulers of a country. It is passed down from child to child. The Qin dynasty had great power and built the Great Wall of China. The Han dynasty came up with the Silk Road and came up with paper. Lastly, the T’ang Dynasty ended the Age of Division and pulled china together into one country again.
The Qin dynasty only survived 15 years; the dynasty held an important role in Chinese history and has a great influence on other dynasties. Qui, the leader had great power over his land and was very strong. He also developed a system of bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is a system of government where the most important decisions are made. The also built the great wall of china because The Great Wall of China needed to be built to protect China from its enemies from the North. It took him about 20 years to build the Great Wall of China. It is still standing today. Qin created a law code His law code applied to everyone. He created a huge law enforcement group, to enforce those laws.
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One of the most important was the trade the "silk road". There was a demand in the Roman Empire for Chinese silk. The Silk Road brought new wealth into China, along with gold, silver, and precious gems. Another thing that Han came up with was the invention of paper. Scroll painting began things began to be written down. Then came the Age of Division this was the period between the Han Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty. (You will learn about Tang in the next paragraph) This was a time of constant war between the various kingdoms in ancient China. Everybody wanted to be in charge, and no one really was. There was no middle class during the Age of Division. You were either rich or poor, and almost everyone was
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