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In the movie Beowulf, he was considered as a real hero; however in the story, Beowulf was considered self-assured and presumptuous. Beowulf is reminiscent of his glorious quest of modern young people. In Beowulf’s glorious quest he fights three battles that are very important to him; these battles both have similarities and differences. During his journey he displayed many superhuman qualities. Beowulf shows his superhuman strength as he battled Grendel. He constantly showed high-standard behavior; admirable of many of the men during their time period. Beowulf constantly deals with external battled with demons and the pressure of those surrounding him; always putting other’s needs before his own. Beowulf slayed the dragon along with Wiglaf; the treasure was stolen in the textbook and in the movie it was found. Grendel attacks the Danes while they were sleeping; in the movie they were all in the middle of celebrating. As Grendel interrupts this joyous time, this is how it all begins. In the beginning Grendel raids the Danes as they are asleep in the mead hall, and in the movie they were in the middle of celebrating…show more content…
They described Beowulf in the story as a perfect hero. He was strong, and outstanding fighter and very loyal to all who came into his presence. Beowulf was a marvelous person who considered helping everyone. The story gives examples and clues of his great courage and of his great strength. Beowulf took on so many things and defeated it all. As Beowulf went into battle, he believed in a fair fight. With Beowulf’s skills and talent, he can overcome all trials that came his way. As he fought Grendel, he fought by hands. This battle with Grendel took great courage and skillful fighting. In conclusion, Beowulf is my hero because of his outstanding bravery skills; his great strength and loyalty. These are most of the great traits of a great

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