Compare And Contrast The Hero's Journey In The Maze Runner

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The hero 's journey is an ancient story pattern that can be found in books from thousands of years ago or in just released Hollywood movies. Most stories follow the exact same pattern over and over again, but with different characters, scenes, settings and themes. Relatively new books like The Ender Games, The Hunger Games, The Hobbit or even Harry Potter, all follow the same pattern, but we can also find the hero 's journey in older books such as Alice In Wonderland or in The Wizard of Oz. The hero 's journey is divided into 10 different steps. This essay is going to analyze the hero 's journey in one of the most known books in the world, “The Maze Runner.” It will compare The Maze Runner to the already predetermined steps of the hero 's journey. The maze runner is a book about a Boy that wakes up in an elevator in the center of a gigantic maze with all his memory erased, the maze was made of a community of boys who have built a village in the glade, The two strongest Gladers are sent every single morning into the maze to try to find a way out and create a map of the maze. Every single night the doors of the maze close and halve robot halve animals creatures called 'grievers ' kill those who didn 't made it to the glade before the doors close. Nobody has ever survived a night in the maze, but they need to find out a way out. The first step of the hero 's journey is the call of adventure where the hero is called to adventure and begins his journey. In “the maze
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