Hittite Empire Vs Arab Empire Essay

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Time Traveler 10 The Hittite and the Arab Empire were two powerful empires that thrived for more than 500 years across the Middle East. The Hittite and Arab Empire used the geography to aid them for hundreds of years. These two empires have many differences than similarities such as geography, size, and government. These differences controlled the way each Empire was ruled and why they had success and why the failed. They also had similarities that had positive and negative impacts upon the empires. One of the differences the two empires had where the locations of the empires. The location of the Arab Empire crossed over Africa, the Mediterranean, and Asia. The Hittite Empire was located on the country Turkey which was bordered by the Black Sea, Mediterranean, and the Aegean Sea. The Arab empire had an advantage from their location because they where the connection between three major places at the time. This allowed many cultures including Arab cultures to spread throughout the world and it also expanded the Arab Empire. The location also helped with trade throughout many civilizations and it also led to the spread of many similar beliefs. The Hittites didn’t have similar circumstances because they were surrounded by water and they…show more content…
When the Abbasids moved the capital of the Arab Empire to Baghdad which was in the center of trade routes the Abbasids and the Arab Empire became rich. This led to a time of prosperity in the Arab Empire which allowed the development of new things such as buildings and Medicine. The Arab Empire was successful in trade, but the Hittites were successful with their military. The Hittites achieved great accomplishments with their military by defeating many civilizations and empires such as Egypt and Persia. They were the only civilization that mastered the use of chariots and iron tools which gave them a major advantage when it came to
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