Compare And Contrast Egypt And The Holy Roman Empire

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The Holy Roman Empire consisted of multi-ethnic territories during the early medieval periods until its collapse in 1806 after the Napoleonic wars. The territories in the Holy Roman Empire included the Kingdom of Germany, Italy, Burgundy as well as other numerous small kingdoms. The Holy Roman Empire was centrally located in Europe and mainly occupied the present day Germany. Ancient Egypt was an old civilization found in the Northeastern Africa. The Ancient Egypt occupied the present country of Egypt. A comparison of political leadership and cultural achievements of the Holy Roman Empire and the Ancient Egypt is discussed below.
Political Leadership and Society The Egyptian civilization and the Holy Roman Empire had different political systems. The Holy Roman Empire was a feudal monarchy ruled by an emperor. The first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire was Frankish King Charlemagne, who was crowned by Pope Leo III in the year (800 Whaley, 35). The popes had a great role in divine sanctioning of the rules imposed by the emperors as well as the coronation of the emperors. The emperor was elected by the seven leading princes, three ecclesiastical electors, three archbishops
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The leading princes were required to learn the Latin language before being appointed as the leading princes. Other officials in the hierarchy of the empire were also required to have sound knowledge of Latin (Perry, 47). The Latin language was largely used in the scientific innovations especially in the field of Biology. The Latinization of the scientific names of species was a result of wide acceptance of Latin as lingua franca. On the other hand, the major language of communication in Egypt was the Egyptian language which had a mixture of African and Asian words (Perry, 48). The Latin language got more acceptances over a wide area than the Egyptian language and is still used in some Roman churches and scientific
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