Compare And Contrast The Hunger Games And The Lottery

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February 23,2017
Compare and Contrast Essay
Both Katniss and Tessie question the reasons for the continue the tradition each year and allowing the cruel activities to continue causing deaths each year through the lottery and reaping. In their own way both Tessie and Katniss are rebellious towards the demands of the government. Even Tessie complains to the villagers while Katniss acts out, but both resent the level of intrusion into their levels. But each character resent the government intrusion into their towns life. In each story the government demands someone death as punishment or to appease their tradition. While set in completely different eras, the feeling the residents have of the tradition are evident in both stories. In “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collin’s and “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson both stories share a common topic which is the dangers of blindly following an outdated tradition which leads to terrible consequences and ignorance for ordinary people. However, the stories divert on how the traditions is carried out.
The Lottery” is about the people drawing out slips of paper and seeing who gets the slip of paper with the black pencil dot;
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Also, the stories use a harsh and cruel traditions to keep people under their control and to prevent change from happening in their society. They also depict how this cruel tradition is a form of entertainment and joy. In “The Lottery” children gathered us stones and along with everyone else in the town threw rocks at Tessa who was chosen for the lottery. But in the hunger, games the game is being broadcasted all over the world as reality entrainment for people. They truly don’t see the cruelty of games enforced on the district. These shows that blindly following traditions leads to terrible consequences and ignorance whether it’s through stoning or
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