Compare And Contrast The Hunger Games Book Vs Movie

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Battle to the Death: Cinema Vs. Novel Some of the best movies are based on books. One movie based on a book is The Hunger Games. While the movie is entertaining, it is very different from the book. “Ask any reader who has seen the movie version of a favorite novel, and the answer will usually be, "The book was better." That 's because readers of a novel have already made their own perfect movie version” (Corliss et al., 2005). It would appear that Corliss is correct because many people who have read The Hunger Games book would say that it is better than the movie. Although the Hunger Games movie is entertaining, it is very different from the book. There are details left out of the movie that were in the book, the movie doesn 't demonstrate the ongoing theme of hunger as well as the book does, and the the movie does a better job with…show more content…
The plot in the Hunger Games movie develops faster than the plot in the book. As Leann Ray puts it, “It 's difficult to squeeze 300-plus pages of story into a two-hour movie, so not everything can be included -- I get it. Editing is important. But could we maybe not cut out or change major plot points that are really important to the series?” (Ray, 2015). Because the movie is so much more condensed than the book, many details are left out. The movie spends little time in District 12 and The Capitol. This eliminates some characters who were in the book from being in the movie. Madge Undersee was in the book but not in the movie. Madge was the daughter of the mayor of District 12 and one of Katniss’ only friends in her grade. She is an important character because she is used to demonstrate the separation between the rich and the poor. In the book her role is important because she is the one who gives Katniss the gold mockingjay pin that she wore as her token in The Hunger Games. The pin is gold so it is something only the wealthy mayor 's daughter could afford.
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