Compare And Contrast The Iroquois League And The European Union

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The Iroquois League and the European Union
One league from the ancient times and one union from the 1900s are the very reason for this informational essay. People wonder and ponder on the choice to join or not to join… the Iroquois League and the European Union, and then there are the questions of why was it created, how did it get created, and what happened? And to answer these questions we need to compare and contrast the Iroquois League and the European Union.
What was the reason the Iroquois League and the European Union were formed? This question was one that has been asked throughout history and the answer to that is peace. After World War 2 people wanted to insure peace so they made the European Union, while the Iroquois League was banded
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The Iroquois League was a constitution, while the European Union was a confederation. Five nations that are on the special flag of the Iroquois League formed the Iroquois League, while six countries started the European Union, later ending with 30 countries. Those six countries are Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and West Germany, while the five nations were Seneca, Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, and Onondaga. The Iroquois League was one of the earliest to practice democratic exercises. The European Union didn’t accept this, but the Iroquois League didn’t care about that and still exercised democracy. The Iroquois League held power until the 18th century while on the other hand the European Union still holds power until this very day. And this answers your question “What are the differences between the European Union and the Iroquois League?”
As there are many differences and similarities between the Iroquois League and the European Union, there was one main thing that connected them and that was peace. No matter how trivial it may seem, it was a big deal. And no matter how not advanced in technology the Iroquois League was, the European Union paid attention to them, and this is proved by Benjamin Franklin choosing the Iroquois League as the base of his report of democracy in 1754. The Iroquois League and the European Union are two different similar things
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