Compare And Contrast The Kknk And The Spanish American War

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Thesis The intention for the common good and self interest in America, generated violent conflict that created political, economic and social change in the United States and the world. The Battle of Sand Creek, the KKK and the Spanish American War are examples of America’s self-interest. Sand Creek Topic sentence + details Despite numerous treaties between the US government and Indians, the demand for Native American lands grew and grew. The Native Americans were tired of losing their land and moved to bad territory. They started to rob and steal from the settlers. Volunteers formed militias to keep settlers safe. The brutality that followed is what caused one of the worst conflicts in United States history. After being impacted by the massacre, the fighting between both sides escalated and didn’t end until the 1890’s.…show more content…
The treaty promised them the Sand Creek land, as long as they reported to the nearby Fort Wise. Though in the end it would all be a lie. The Colorado Volunteers would later surround Sand Creek in the early morning of November 27th. Black Kettle, following instructions, raised an American flag along with a white flag from his tipi. Chivington, the leader of the attacking group, ignored the signal however and ordered his men to “Kill and scalp them all, big and little.” At least 400 indians were killed, most of them being women and children. KKK Conflict made the KKK because the white feared losing their position in society if blacks are given same rights after the civil war. The KKK attacked black stores and church and intimidated black voters and lynched and killed politically active black people and the result of this conflict lead to the enforcement acts protected blacks right for 14th and 15th amendment. Imperialism (Spanish American
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