Compare And Contrast The Knight's Tale And The Canterbury Tales

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There are two tales that were studied during the reading of the Canterbury Tales. The first tale is called “The Knight’s Tale” and the second tale is called “The Pardoner’s Tale. The two tales from the Canterbury Tales did a significant job of ensuring that each tale had incorporated an essential set of morals that would be followed throughout each of the two tales. The two tales hold an equivalent amount of detail and both were successful in following the Host’s two rules. After careful consideration, “The Knight’s Tale is the winning tale according to the judgement of moral education and entertainment value.
The first tale is called “The Knight’s Tale”. Theseus was known as the great conqueror of the city of Athens. One day in Athens, 4 women went to Theseus and knelt before him. The women were in distress from the loss of their husbands in a siege that took place in Thebes. Theseus was disgusted at the thought and traveled to conquer Thebes and return the bodies of the four fatal soldiers to the wives whom were in mourning. While in Thebes on the battlefield, Theseus spots two wounded soldiers who were fatally injured during the battle. Theseus takes the two soldiers and cousins, Palamon and Arcita, back to Athens where the two men are considered prisoners of war and are imprisoned for life within a tower in Athens. One day, Palamon looks out of his cell window and discovers a sight that he will never look away from; Emily. Emily is Theseus’s sister-in-law and is the

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