Compare And Contrast The Korean Declaration Of Independence

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Guardians ‘대한 독립 만세!’ or ‘Nothing important happened today.’ You know these statements if you are Korean and American or maybe the people of United Kingdom-the second quote was written by George the third in the day of when the ‘Declaration’ was released in America-. This Declaration is talking about Independence, and these quotes show us the differences and some similarity of the Korea Declaration of Independence and the America’s. Both things are decelerated of their countries’ independence from other countries plunder, included what they intruded in human rights after became a colony, archaism is one of their style of course, for example, ‘hath shewn’, ‘hither’ ‘오호’ and ‘펼쳐지누나’, the spirits of colonial people who wanted the independence of their homeland, longing for peace and appealed the fervent of declaration. And the most important and same thing of them is they made the future and hope of each country. However, if you analyze them, you may notice Declaration of Independence is the antithesis of Korea Declaration of Independence. 1776 and 1919. Can you guess what they are? Yes, they are the year that two Declaration of Independences were released. One difference between them is…show more content…
As you know, after the Declaration of Independence is released, Britain and America waging war which is called the Independence War. Then America achieved their Independence and become a country not a colony anymore after declaration their rights. However, after the Korea Declaration of Independence and 1919 Independence movement nothing happens! Although it showed everyone’s willingness, but it is not effective much for independence. Korea became a country in 1945, and cunningly after the Korea Declaration of Independence was released, Japan changed the way of management into peaceful that many Korea scholars abandon their homeland like 최린 who signed up the Korea Declaration of
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