Compare And Contrast The Last Night And Refugee Blues

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Compare the tragedy for the characters in both "The Last Night" and "Refugee Blues." Comparing the tragedy in the main characters and their fear of death in both "the Last Night" and "Refugee Blues" both of these extracts are about believing in something which the Nazis don 't believe in and, because of this being chased around and being punished for it. The lament "Refugee Blues" was written by W.H. Auden, in this lament she talked about how a Jew and his wife had to try and survive the abuses. It tells us how all Jews were forced to run away from home and then abused by the Nazis during the Holocaust. "The Last Night" was written by Sebastian Faulks, this is from an extract from Charlotte Gray. This extract is about two young brothers waiting for the the transport that will bring them to their last destination. Both these poems are very tragic, they both are about people who know hey are going to die in the hands of the Nazis. "The Last Night" is from Charlotte Gray written by Sebastian Faulks. It 's is based in France in 1940, when France occupied by Germans during the Second World War. Charlotte Gray is a novel which deals with loss and pain. The story is about two boys who are scared and don 't know what 's going to happen to them, it 's is their "last night" before they are sent into a concentration camp where they will be tortured and then killed. Making the two boys the main subjects of this piece make the reader more vulnerable and gives more pity for the

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