Compare And Contrast The Movie And Beowulf

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Beowulf the heroic poem and movie were both about a warrior. The warrior name was Beowulf, a strong and brave man, who killed demonic things. During the film and text he goes to a city to kill a demon named Grendel not knowing the creature that created him is still living; Grendel’s mother comes back for revenge. In the text Beowulf kills her, but in the movie it is very different; Beowulf and Grendel’s mother create something very evil and stronger than Grendel. The city starts to feel safe again not knowing another demon is among them. Beowulf the poem and movie had several differences, Beowulf and the characters actions, attitudes, and some events changed. In the text, Beowulf fights Grendel by himself, but in the movie he has a little help.…show more content…
Grendel’s mother arrived at the Mead hall attacking everyone and kidnaps one of Hrothgars very best friends; she takes him to her lair and kills him. Things were very different in the movie; instead of taking Hrothgars friend she killed everyone on the Mead Hall except for Beowulf. Beowulf then goes looking for Grendel’s mother; he enters her lair with a horn, hearing a voice talking to him and sees Grendel’s body on the table. Grendel’s mother appears looking beautiful to Beowulf. Out of anger she slices her sons head off and seduces Beowulf, she tells him to give her a son since he killed her only son. Grendel’s mother tells Beowulf as long as the horn stays in her lair she will not attack his Hrothgar’s people again. Beowulf brings Grendel’s head back to show the Danes and lies about killing Grendel’s mother. In the poem, Beowulf swims to the bottom of the lake knowing Grendel’s mother would follow him. She meets him at the bottom of the lake, they begin fighting at some point she gets the best of him, but Beowulf gets back up and starts winning. Beowulf the slams her to ground and looks around, he sees a sword only giants can lift. He then picks up the sword and stabs her from the neck to all the way down, breaking bones and…show more content…
She and Beowulf had a son, which was a dragon that terrorized the city, after the horn returned back to Beowulf. Beowulf tries to return the horn back to Grendel’s mother but she doesn’t want it; him and his soldiers attack the dragon. The dragon blast fire out of his mouth burning the city and its people. Beowulf jumps off a cliff onto its back with a sword stabbing him, riding the dragon until he cuts his wing and can’t fly anymore. He then swings around the dragon trying to rip his heart out; he reaches inside of the dragon’s chest area, but can’t get to its heart, Beowulf then cuts his arm off giving him more advantage to grab the heart. He grabs the dragon’s heart and pulls it out, causing him and the dragon to fall to their death. Beowulf dies telling the truth about him and Grendel’s mother to Wiglaf. The difference in the text is a thief stole from the dragon, provoking it to get upset and take action towards the city. Beowulf and his soldiers proceed to the dragon’s castle to terminate it; Beowulf has to fight the dragon himself, because his men are scared. Wiglaf told them that they are acting cowardly for not helping their king, he then steps in to save his dying king. Beowulf and Wiglaf kill the dragon, but Beowulf dies. He dies being greedy, telling Wiglaf he wants to see the treasure and how he wants people to remember
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