Beowulf Compare And Contrast

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Beowulf was a great poem which happened in the years there were Vikings. The Vikings were very strong men; there was a group called the Danes. The Danes stayed gathered in a hut called Harriat. At the hut they drunk meed and partied till they passed out, which is when Grendel came and ate the people. The Danes were hunted for 12 winters straight, the people moved away, were the only people that didn’t die. Grendel stories were told all over the land. Beowulf then came and destroyed Grendel. The version of the movie Beowulf was different, such as Beowulf had no relation with Grendel’s mother, the battle with the dragon, therefore the movie and the story was different. Therefore, in the movie and in the textbook the battle with Grendel is different…show more content…
Beowulf jumped in the river and swam down to the water witch. Beowulf then battled her and the other sea monsters; Beowulf then killed Grendel’s mother and went to her layer and found Grendel’s body, he then cut off his head and returned it to the king and they drunk and told his stories. Beowulf then went home and became king of the Geats. According to the movie Beowulf had relations to Grendel’s mother, Beowulf went to Grendel’s cave, seeking Grendel’s mother after she attacked and killed men in the Harriot hall. Beowulf went into the cave and Grendel’s mother was shaped shifted into a beautiful woman. Grendel’s mother and Beowulf made a agreement that if he give her the dragon horn and not kill her, she would give him Grendel’s head and he can be king and have riches all around him as long as the horn stay in her cave. Then Beowulf helped Grendel’s mother bare a sun, Beowulf then went back to Harriot and told false stories to the people around him; therefore, the people around Beowulf called him a hero but the King knew it was false. The king pulled Beowulf to the side and asked him the truth, the king was disappointed but went along with the charade and gave his thrown to Beowulf, then the King killed himself and Beowulf became king of the
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