Compare And Contrast The Odyssey And Dante's Inferno

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Literary Analysis: The Odyssey and Dante’s Inferno Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: Themes are fundamental and universal ideas that are explored in literary works. The epics of The Inferno by Dante and The Odyssey by Homer are two different stories with themes that that have some similarities while others have distinction. In The Odyssey, the central point is Odysseus struggling to go back home. In Inferno, Dante is the main character who is fighting between good and evil, which translates to be the theme of the story. Dante explores deeply the Christian hell and heaven, which includes the immediate Purgatory. This experience makes him cast his allegiance to good and God. The differences between these two stories are depicted when comparing the epic conventions, epic characteristics, and when comparing the various religious backgrounds of the times in which these two stories were written. The epic characteristics include a vast setting, supernatural forces and superhuman courage. In The Odyssey, the central character Odysseus is a war hero who is travelling back home. He face many challenges in…show more content…
In The Inferno, Dante is the hero of the story. Dante is the man exiled from his home as a result of his political struggles and beliefs with the choice between evil and good. Dante’s heroism is in the form of humanity as he faces the challenge which all human beings struggle with. Dante’s courage is tested as he journeys through the rings of hell. According to Dante, “therefore look carefully; you’ll see such things/as would deprive my speech of all belief” (Alighieri, Dante. 1854). Unlike in Odysseus, Dante’s courage doesn’t involve utmost physical feats. Dante depicts courage in analyzing his inner strength. A vast setting includes hell in Inferno, Purgatory and heaven. Dante meets many shades while being led through hell by deceased poet
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