Compare And Contrast The Old Man And The Sea And To Build A Fire

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In both of these stories, the main characters make their way through different natural environments and try to reach their goal. They both faced obstacles during their journeys, and they results are both very unlucky. They are both stubborn in making decisions and suffers for those choices. In the story “To Build a Fire” by Jack London, it describes how a chechaquo (newcomer) to the Yukon faces the freezing temperature that will take his life away. The man lacks imagination and is not aware of the dangers ahead of him. The main characteristics of the man would be arrogant and confident. He did not listen to other’s advice and ignored the dangers that could be fatal. The old man at Sulfur Creek once told him that nobody should travel in the Yukon alone when it’s fifty degrees below zero, but the man insisted on going and took his dog with him which did not help him during survival. The man struggles with extreme coldness and terrible weather in Yukon. His hands and feet were freezing, slowing down his circulation, and leading him to death. Eventually. He realized that he lost his battle, and which he regrets.…show more content…
However, he was unlucky and has not caught a single fish for eighty-four days, and everyone thought he will fail and did not have faith in him. Even the parents of the boy Manolin wanted him to stay away from Santiago. Despite these judgments, Santiago does not give up and he still clings on to his dream of catching a big fish, so he went out further in the sea. He works hard for his goals, and finally caught a huge marlin. Santiago struggles physically and mentally with the huge marlin and his unlucky fate. Sharks ate up the huge marlin while they were still at sea, and they only left the skeleton for the old man to take back to his
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