Compare And Contrast: The Outsiders And Socs

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Outsiders Compare/Contrast The outsiders is a story about Greasers and Socs. The Greasers are boys, (No girls greasers were mentioned in the movie, or book.) who live on the East side. They are not as rich as the Socs, or the middle class. The Greasers are more emotional than the Socs. The Socs are the rich kids on the West side. They are the popular kids. They have friend groups, but they are not as “family like” as the Greasers. The main thing going on in the movie/book is Johnny (a sixteen year old, who is small for his age, and innocent) stabbed a Soc with his switchblade, because him and a few others were drowning Ponyboy ( a fourteen year old, who is bigger than Johnny, and dreams a lot). The Socs’ name was Bob. He was drunk that night,…show more content…
Every time it we read it I never wanted to stop because it was so intriguing. The book had a lot of details, which is good, because that helped the readers picture what it was like. The author did an amazing job at writing this book. I felt like I was there. In the book, Dally’s death was very different then what I imagined and what happened in the movie. When Dally died, he had a heater (gun) but it wasn 't loaded, “but is sure does help a bluff.” (Hinton, S. E.) When the cops surrounded Dally he put up his heater. The cops did not know he was bluffing. The cops shot him. “He was dead before he hit the ground.” “Dally died a hoodlum. And now he was a dead juvenile delinquent and there wouldn’t be any editorials in his favor. Dally didn’t die a hero.” (Hinton, S. E.) Dally was a boy, who really didn’t care, and who everyone was afraid of. He has never loved anything or anyone. But when Johnny died, the gang knew, that was Dally’s breaking point. He lost it. Dally couldn’t take it. “Johnny was the only thing Dally loved. And now Johnny was gone.”(Hinton, S. E.) That was the biggest difference in the book compared to the movie. One other difference is Dally’s description in the book is he has white blonde hair. In the movie he had dark brown
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