Compare And Contrast The Outsiders Book And Movie

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Books and movies are two completely different mediums in which audiences can enjoy a story. They seem different when one thinks about it, and it is true. Numerous points come to mind when we contrast a volume and its featured motion picture. However, both have several similarities than neutralize the differences. Take The Outsiders for instance, a novel by author S.E. Hinton in 1967 that was turned into a film in 1983. The main character of this tale is Ponyboy Curtis, who leads the story in his perspective. We see events and share experiences through his mind when we read the book. At the same time, the movie does not recount the adventures through Pony’s outlook. It is difficult to show a character’s thoughts in a movie, which was novel did, so the director decided to change the point of view from first to third. Consequently, certain parts of the story were chosen to be omitted, for they would not make sense to someone who did not read the book and did not know of Ponyboy’s intentions. Additionally, in the motion picture, we rely on the actor’s/actress’s physically actions, gestures, and facial expressions to understand how they feel and what they think. When reading the book, Ponyboy made remarks and chose adjectives that perfectly fitted the…show more content…
An entirely new generation of teens must have watched the movie than read the book. Nonetheless,I believe more people would have watched the movie, as motion pictures were a great development and very popular at the time. On a minor note, if we were to create a second movie for The Outsiders, it would be better than the original, as we have better technology and special effects. The novel itself must have been a hit as well when it came out. I am sure bookworms loved the touching story, as we do even today. In conclusion, the book and the movie for this story are both similar and divergent in their own
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