Compare And Contrast The Outsiders

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There are comparisons and contrast in the movie and the book “The Outsiders”. For example in both when Ponyboy and Johnny run away from after killing Bob they go on the train to the abandoned church in both.They are similar because in the story and movie Johnny kills bob then runs away with Pony. They go to Dally where he gave them a pistol and told them to jump on the train and get off at the second stop Windrixville and go to the abandoned church on top of jay mountain. Another example of similarities between both is they still have all the main characters in the greaser gang.They are similar because throughout both Ponyboy and Johnny are the main characters from the greaser gang until they kill bob then the rest of the greaser gang becomes more of the main characters. There are many different similarities between the book and movie “The Outsiders”, but there are also a lot of comparisons between the two.…show more content…
For example, in the book, only one person drowns Pony, but in the movie, three people drowned him. This is different because in the book Pony is being drowned at the water fountain by only one person.On the other hand in the movie Pony is getting drowned by three people instead of one like it is in the story. Another comparison between the book and the movie would be when Ponyboy goes to court and doesn’t testify in the book, but in the movie he does.These are different because in the book when Pony has to go to court for the murder of Bob he doesn’t testify in the movie when he goes to court he does testify. There are many simularities and differences in the book and movie " The
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