Compare And Contrast The Pacific Theatre And American Theatre

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The European and Pacific Theatre There were many battles in World War II, all of them being important and having different outcomes. Two main theaters we are focusing on are going to be the European Theatre where the Invasion of Normandy took place, along with the Pacific Theatre where the Attack on Pearl Harbor occurred. Both events had major impacts on the outcome of World War II, along with all the other battles we encountered. If ether of these battles turned out differently, America may not have become the amazing beautiful place it is today. The battle of Pearl Harbor occurred early morning in Honolulu, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. There wasn 't much of a battle considering the fact that it was very unexpected and Franklin D. Roosevelt had just spoke to the Japanese and they seemed to be on good terms. The event only lasted around two hours and in that short amount of time 20 American naval vessels were destroyed, 8 battleships, and 200 airplanes. There were around 2,000 American casualties while 1,000 others were only wounded. The day after this attack the president of the United States declared war on …show more content…

200,000 Germans became prisoners in Falasie pocket. Only around 15,000 French men were killed. This was a turning point in the war because many men were wounded, captured, or killed in a very short amount of time. Also the amount of air and naval help from the Allied countries really helped, it was twelve countries against Germany. The war may have turned out a lot differently if General Eisenhower waited two weeks for the storms to come, instead of last minute deciding to proceed with he plan on June 6th. If he had waited he may have given the German army more time to prepare themselves along with gathering more men for

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