Compare And Contrast The Plea For Freedom

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Chase Clark Dr. Jane Wessel English 2330 3 March 2018 The Plea for Freedom The poems “The Negro’s Complaint” by William Cowper and “On Sugar” by the Tyler Family Papers gives us a perspective on pain and suffering that every slave experienced, and although these poems are different in perspective, both of them speak in a dark emotional tone by questioning the white slave owners if what they are doing is morally justified. These two poems will be compared and contrasted to each other, and then converge to make the reader feel immoral and guilty. The slave within each poem plead together to the reader to look at the slaves equally to them, such as if their color did not exist. While comparing the tactics of these two poems, you must imagine yourself in the position of the slave. You must visualize the hardships they have had to endure and see that the slaves have feelings just like the white men who possess them. “The Negro’s Complaint” introduces the poem in the same fashion as “On sugar” by placing the reader in the viewpoint of the slave. As you read, you start to understand the gruesome treatment slaves had to endure against their will. It reveals the physical and disheartening abuse between the slave and the slave master, as the slave in “On Sugar” describes it as “To me thou speak of dying grones / Of mangled limbs of fruitless moans” (Tyler 2-4). This physical abuse shows the reader the agonizing treatment the slaves experienced, and is described in a similar

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