Compare And Contrast The Progressive Movement Vs Populism

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The 19th century was a period of widespread social, economical and political problems in the United States, from the 1890s to the 1920s in need of reform. Both parties were created by the people’s dissatisfaction with the government and its ability to appeal to the majority. The Populist movement was founded my farmers, laborers and middle class civilians that wanted government regulation in the economy, more authority in the government, educating immigrants, to prevent government corruption and high positions to be based on experience. The Progressive movement was caused corruption in politics, political machines, rapid urbanization and discrimination and equality. The Progressive movement was based on the idea that the government should have a more active role in solving economic ills. The Progressives wanted to promote child labor laws, improve the efficiency of government, expand democracy and promote social justice. The Progressives believed in progression. As in progression into a fairer society.…show more content…
The Progressive movement survived longer and became far more successful than the Populists because of its moderate reform style, when the Populists were more radical. One of the reasons why the Populists failed was the election of 1896 and the discovery of gold. Both matters repaired the economy, so the Populist party wasn’t needed anymore. In the end, the Populist party did not have enough people to support it and merged into the Progressive

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