Compare And Contrast The Radical Republicans And Americans Who Would Lead The Progression Of Reconstruction

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Year 1865 was the end of the Civil War. The war left countless people dead and a great amount of devastation throughout the south. The North now faced the mission of rebuilding the Confederate states. There were many vital questions that needed to be answered as the nation seeked peace. Who would lead the progression of reconstruction? Both President Abraham Lincoln, and the Republicans thought that they should lead the process of reconstruction. The Radical Republicans was led by Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens. The Republicans opposed Lincoln's easy terms for reuniting the United States. Their terms wanted more forceful status toward the war and more protection for the freed slaves. During this Reconstruction, the Radical Republicans…show more content…
During the Civil War, the main idea of the United States was to have every side in unison, but that in fact died out. Lincoln and the Radical Republicans tried to stress their beliefs of how they wanted the States to be ran. The 10 percent plan was Lincoln’s plan for reconstruction. The 10% plan was indeed very basic. The plan included exonerations to anybody who previously opposed the Union, but they would also have to swear their allegiance to the Union and the Constitution. After the number equaled 10% of the number of voters who partook in the election of 1860, the state would be readmitted to the Union after establishing a new state government which abolished slavery. Lincoln's approach was very light toward the south. Lincoln just wanted the south to just accept the 15th amendment so the nation can become united again. The Radical Republicans plan was intended to help recently freed slaves and to also discipline the South. It first passed several laws helping newly freed slaves. They created the 50% plan which would split the South into five military districts, and keep troops in the South. They also acknowledged to implement the 14th and 15th amendments. The 14 states would have to define citizenship rights to all people and the 15th Amendment allowed African American males to vote. This was actually similar to Lincoln's plan. The Radical Republican Congress wanted to protect the rights and liberties of African-Americans, and for a time, it was

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